This Lifesize Candy Xbox Took 4 Hours to Make

June 21, 2022 7:48 pm in by

Microsoft put a challenge out to popular confectioners Sticky to hand sculpt a life-size Xbox Series S out of rock candy.

Sticky is famous for taking on crazy challenges with millions of views on TikTok of the team creating pop culture lollies like Pokemon and even recreating memes in lolly form.

Over the course of four hours, the talented artists at Sticky worked on moulding and sculpting sugar dough into a custom creation that replicates the sleek and stylish design of the Xbox Series S and an accompanying controller.

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@stickyaustralia Thank you to @xboxanz for the challenge, this was so much fun! They will be running a giveaway on their page so check them out! #ad ♬ original sound – Sticky Lollies

“We set out to make something unique, while also replicating every aspect of the controller and console as accurately as possible, says David King, Founder of Sticky, “we still wanted to maintain that it was candy though, so we opted against moulds or using a sugar substitute to ensure it tastes as good as it looks.”

For our lucky fans sporting a sweet tooth, the apple-flavoured Xbox Series S and edible wireless controller will be up for grabs on the Xbox ANZ Facebook page. just let them know what video game character you would turn into candy for your chance to win!

Some people have already commented with characters from games like Elden Ring, Gears of War and Final Fantasy 9.

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Shaping candy is as much a process of patience as it is accuracy. The team focused on capturing the core elements of the Xbox Series S itself, whilst maintaining the integrity of the molten sugar as the core of each and every part.

Watch the whole process above or Xbox ANZ’s and Sticky’s TikTok channels.


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