New "The Witcher" Game Confirmed in Development

March 22, 2022 8:24 pm in by

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that development has indeed begun on the next title in “The Witcher” franchise.

The fourth entry in the beloved franchise will be following in some pretty epic footsteps as 2015’s multi Game of the Year award winner “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt” is often referred to as one of, if not “the” best game ever made.

CD Projekt Red said in a social media statement “We’re happy to announce that the next instalment in The Witcher series of video games is currently in development, kicking off a new saga for the franchise.”

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In an interesting yet exciting move, the company won’t be using their famed “REDengine” which was used to build Cyberpunk 2077 and instead will rely on the more universally used “Unreal Engine 5”, this also is the beginning of a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games that will cover not only licensing but also technical development of Unreal Engine 5, as well as potential future versions of Unreal Engine, where relevant.

It’s important to note that REDengine will still be used for the upcoming expansion of Cyberpunk 2077


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