New Mashd N Kutcher Track Samples "The Sounds of Gaming"

July 8, 2021 12:45 pm in by

 Australian legends of the mash-up scene Mashd N Kutcher have released a track sampling all manner of gaming sounds, from the click of a keyboard to the pow-pow and screeches of first-person shooters and racing titles, the MNK boys have mixed up a banger that listeners can find on the Turtle Beach SoundCloud.

The track, WHEN U COLLAB WITH TURTLE BEACH, samples sounds from the world of gaming, including peripheral sounds such as keypresses, headset jacks and some of their favourite games.

Clocking in at just over three minutes, MNK leaned into their childhoods to create a retro electronic grunge vibe to give the track a boss battle feel which aims to soothe the itchy trigger fingers of gamers from all walks of life while demonstrating the breadth of aural dynamism available to gamers on a daily basis.

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The collab is to celebrate the launch of the new Recon 500 headsets from Turtle Beach that deliver pretty stunning sound and are available now. 

Country Manager for Turtle Beach, Jeremy Cox, says:

“We’re all about gaming audio, and with the launch of our next-level Recon 500 headsets we wanted to work with Aussie legends Mashd N Kutcher to create something we’d not attempted before: Music.

The boys who brought us lockdown cheers with Get On the Beers absolutely sMashd it out of the park with WHEN U COLLAB WITH TURTLE BEACH and we’re in awe of what they’ve achieved with just a few gaming sounds.”

Sidenote, if you missed “Get on the Beers” check this out.

Matt, one half of Mashd N Kutcher, says:

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“A huge portion of our audience are gamers, so we’ve relished the chance to create music made from sounds they’d hear every day. WHEN U COLLAB WITH TURTLE BEACH is, for lack of a better word, a banger and listening to it through Recon 500s is a real treat. We’re interested to see how gamers respond to the track, so have a listen and let us know what you think on socials!”

With more than forty years of gaming audio expertise behind the brand, Turtle Beach leads the industry through continuous innovation in both design and manufacturing, and the Recon 500 headset maintains this tradition.

You can check out more on the Recon 500 headsets at the Turtle Beach website but listen to this incredible piece of music created just using gaming sounds here Mashd N Kutcher’s track is free to listen to via the Turtle Beach SoundCloud.