US Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Downs 62 Hotdogs to Win His 16th Title

July 5, 2023 10:54 am in by
Alexi J. Rosenfeld / Getty Images

Joey Chestnut has won the annual 4th of July hotdog eating contest in Coney Island for the 8th consecutive year by eating a crazy 62 hotdogs and bringing his title tally to 16.

Joey Chestnut has won the competition 15 of the past 16 years which in sport terms, stacks up against some of the greats! To demonstrate his dominance, Chestnut has won more consecutive titles than Rafael Nadal (14 French Open titles in 18 years), Kelly Slater (11 WSL crowns 1994-2011) and even stacks up against prime Tiger Woods who win at least one major in every year from 1997 to 2008 except for 2003 and 2004.

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His 16 total titles also means he has more titles than sporting legends like Bill Russell who has 11 NBA championships and NFL great Tom Brady who has won 7 Superbowls.

Over his career Chestnut has consumed over 1150 hotdogs since he began eating in 2004.

Joey’s career high during the contest was back in 2021 where he consumed a whopping 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes.