Secret Baby Sleep Hack All Parents Should Know About

February 8, 2022 7:47 am in by

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If your sweet little bundle of joy needs some encouragement to fall asleep, then this hack might be for you.

It’s called the Eyebrow Stroke and it’s really simple to follow.

“Starting at the hairline and work towards the bridge of their nose.”

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“This should encourage their eyes to close and if they are tired, they’ll fall right asleep.”


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The Peaceful Sleeper posted this video on TikTok and so far it’s received 300k views.

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Commenters though report different levels of success.

One commenter said, “My parents did this to me as a child and I swear it will still put me out cold 30 years later 😂”

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However, some didn’t have as much success like this person “my nephew loved this, but my baby keeps his eyes open and deadpan stares at me 😳😂”

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And according to others who left comments, it doesn’t just work on babies.

“I do this to my dogs 😂” and “I do this to my cat lol” For all the animal lovers out there.

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Personally, I’ve even used this same method on a 3-year-old stubborn sleeper.

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