Man Sues 30 Women for Sharing Negative Dating Reviews about Him

January 15, 2024 9:30 am in by

In the world of modern dating, where we swipe left or right in the quest for love, a man from the Windy City has decided to battle it out in court over not-so-flattering reviews about his dating style. Meet Nikko D’Ambrosio, a 31-year-old Chicagoan, who’s taken the unconventional route of filing a defamation lawsuit against a smorgasbord of individuals – 30 women, one man, and a handful of social media platforms, to be precise.

The thorn in his romantic side? A Facebook group candidly named, ‘Are We Dating The Same Guy?’. This digital platform, where dating warriors share their love escapades to help others dodge Cupid’s misguided arrows, seems to have struck a nerve with Mr. D’Ambrosio. According to WXYZ ABC Chicago, a barrage of ‘false and defamatory’ posts about him started flooding the group last November.

Amongst the exhibit in this love-gone-wrong saga were screenshots of comments describing Nikko as ‘very clingy very fast,’ and one that claimed he ‘flaunted money very awkwardly and kept talking about how I don’t want to see his bad side…’. Not a part of Nikko’s charm, he insists, and has demanded a whopping $75,000 in damages for this perceived slander.

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So, a small piece of advice for all the singletons out there, navigating the treacherous waters of modern dating: Perhaps it’s best to share your dating disasters in private one-to-one chats with confidantes. Because as we’ve learned from this tale, even the digital world of dating isn’t free of legal pitfalls.