100 Years Of Loving Vegemite!

October 25, 2023 9:33 am in by Kelsey Nagel

Today, we raise our toast (spread with Vegemite, of course) to an Aussie icon as it turns 100.

In 1923, when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was under construction and a phone line from Sydney to Brisbane was being built, Vegemite was born.

What Fred Walker and Dr. Cyril Callister created that day became an essential part of Australian life. Vegemite wasn’t just a spread; it was a symbol of who we are.

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Over the years, Vegemite found its way into our hearts. We made it our national dish, the first product scanned in an Aussie supermarket, and it even appeared in songs and movies. Vegemite was there in our busy mornings and quiet afternoons, making us feel at home.

Through thick and thin, you’ve chosen Vegemite – defended its unique taste to the world, made it part of your memories, and shared it with loved ones. As we look ahead, we know Vegemite will be an Aussie staple for the next 100 years and beyond.

Happy 100th, Vegemite – the taste that’s been with us through it all! Cheers to a century of Aussie flavour!

To celebrate turning 100, Vegemite has released a number of limited-edition merchandise items to collect! Available here!