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Dangerous storms, giant hail to continue into tonight


People in south-east Queensland are being warned to prepare for more dangerous thunderstorms this afternoon and into tonight.

A series of Severe and Dangerous thunderstorms are currently impacting the heavily populated communities of south-east Queensland from Wide Bay to the New South Wales border.

There have been reports of hail in excess of 12 centimetres, and the Bureau of Meteorology was warning people should expect the area that may see hail in excess of 10 centimetres to spread as more storms roll in.

The areas likely to be hit hardest stretching from the border to north of the Sunshine Coast and into communities further inland.

The Bureau is warning the situation is volatile and continuing to change quickly, and for their own safety people should actively monitor the Bureau of Meteorology and Emergency Services for updates and warnings as they will continue to change and be updated as the situation evolves.

Some of these storms are fast-moving and fast-forming, so people should consider whether they need to be outside or on the road at the moment.

The threat for the south-east will continue through this afternoon and into tonight.

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