Mackay’s highway patrol cracks down on motorists who disobey traffic light signals

March 15, 2023 8:31 am in by

Mackay’s Highway Patrol Group has conducted a three hour traffic operation, issuing 25 infringement notices.

Officers patrolled the intersection of Mackay Bucasia Road and Phillip Street in Mount Pleasant, on Monday March 13, during peak traffic hours.

The intersection is controlled by traffic lights and the Highway Patrol Group conducted the operation to ensure motorists were doing the right thing.

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Eleven infringement notices were issued for disobeying traffic light signals, 2 for seatbelt offences and the remainder of the notices were issued for various other traffic offences.

Feedback from officers involved is that the number of infringement notices could have been much higher, however there were not enough police crews available to stop every car which was disobeying the traffic lights.

Senior Constable Steve Smith from the Mackay crime prevention unit says more operations of this nature are going to be rolled out in the future, as a result.

“It is the simplest rule to abide while driving – stop travelling when the traffic light is red,” he says.

“Disobeying this rule places other drivers around you at risk unnecessarily.

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“Red light cameras are active in Mackay as well.

“We know being caught by police and being fined and losing points hurts, but far worse things can happen too.”


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