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Toddler bitten by dingo on Fraser Island


A two-year-old boy has been airlifted to hospital after a dingo attacked him on Queensland's Fraser Island.

The boy has suffered deep puncture wounds and lacerations but his injuries aren't life-threatening.

Neighbours near Orchid Beach called for help after hearing a commotion and finding the boy around 7am on Saturday.

He'd somehow slipped out of the house where he was staying with his family.

He has bite marks and puncture wounds to his left leg, left arm, base of the neck and shoulder, and lacerations on the back of his head.

The attending paramedic said he was lucky there was only one dingo and not a pack.

He is now at Bundaberg Hospital.

Fraser Island has a history of dingo attacks, with authorities increasing on-the-spot fines for interfering with the dogs in 2019.

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