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Corner Homebush Road and Bruce Highway, Rosella, QLD
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4959 5461
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Hi-Way Produce & Rural Supplies is a local Mackay company specialising in providing Mackay with high-quality pet food and other pet care items for pet lovers and enthusiasts.

Our pet food items include frozen roo mince dog food, hay, lucerne, grain, cattle feed, cat food and chook food. Hi-Way Produce & Rural Supplies in Mackay also sell pet care items including dog wash, chook feeders and de-worming products for all animals. We also distribute animal beddings for all Mackay pets. We guarantee fresh pet food and other stocks every week.

Hi-Way Produce & Rural Supplies in Mackay does not only sell pet food. We also sell dog bed covers, lick boxes, bird feeders and rat poison. We also have pig pellets, horse fly spray, milk powder, wound spray, Vitavit horse vitamins and insect killers. Our shop in Mackay also has a special car drive-thru service to give our customers an easier and a more convenient shopping experience. Our company is family-owned and run and we have over 17 years experience in the stockfeed industry. It is only 9 kilometres south from Mackay city gates.