This little one is just "roo-laxing" in Glenden


Constable Nick Schmidt from Glenden station found himself involved in an unexpected job out of town this week.

During the course of his patrols he came across a kangaroo who looked to have been struck by a car and had not survived. While Nick was preparing to move the kangaroo from the road so that her presence did not impact other motorists – our new friend (above) stuck her head out of her deceased mothers pouch to see what Nick was doing.

To his surprise, he learned that joey’s can survive for up to 48 hours in the pouch of their mother after the mother has died. Although the joey’s mother had died after being struck by the car, little joey was completely uninjured.

She was collected and driven in the police car back to the Glenden station where she was wrapped in a police jumper hoping it would mimic her mothers pouch. A local wildlife rescue carer was contacted and attended to help. She will be properly cared for until she can be introduced to a mob of “rescue kangaroos” and returned to the outback.

If you spot any injured wildlife please call the relevant authorities.